“Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.”
Hands hold a glowing candle

Light a candle

Let God grant what is in your heart and fulfill all your plans. Psalm 20:4

At Our Savior Parish at the University of Southern California, votive candles burn brightly night and day as expressions of prayer for any special intention, or in dedication to a friend or loved one. The beautiful flame of each candle will burn for five days as a symbol of our faith, hope, and joy. Whether you live close to campus or not, you will have multiple opportunities to have a candle lit inside Our Savior Parish for your special intentions.     

Join us on Sunday, January 23 at 5:00 p.m. PDT as Fr. Richard Sunwoo celebrates Mass and lights a votive candle on your behalf as we offer our hopes and petitions to our Lord. May His radiant light guide us in our journey with Him and one another. Let us together receive the light of joy, hope, and peace.

If you would like to participate, please complete the form below and use this Facebook link to watch the livestream for the New Year’s candle blessing. Every dollar donated from the candle blessing goes to support Catholic life on the campus of USC.

To mail in your offering, please contact us online via email and we can mail you a form. Please note the deadline to submit your intention for this candle blessing is midnight on Friday, January 21. If you have any questions or concerns while making your donation online, please also feel free to contact us

O Lord we invite you into our hearts, homes, schools, and work and ask for your blessing as we enter a New Year. Lord you are the source of light that kindles in our lives and empowers us with hope. May this flame never extinguish but grow brighter as we journey together, O Lord, the Light of my soul. Amen.