“Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.”
Hands hold a glowing candle

Christmas Appeal 2020

My friends, the birth of Christ, and our preparation for it, is not in the vain hope that all of our troubles will disappear! Rather, we must struggle to trust in our Lord precisely during these uncertain times the way the holy family continued to trust in the Father when they experienced the insecurities of housing, money, food, and the ever-present threat of death from political forces! May we be inspired by their example of trusting fidelity to the Father—in effect, we must struggle for hope!

I know that many of you have experienced, in some small ways and larger ones, the insecurities of the holy family during this time of pandemic. We, as a parish, have experienced them too. Like you, we continue to be tenaciously trusting in the Father, and we will continue to journey with you through all the vicissitudes of these times of uncertainty! I ask that you may prayerfully and sacrificially make a commitment to us—to prayerfully and financially support us. Remember that our only source of financial stability comes from your generosity which means that we are 100% donor funded. We are relying on your heroic generosity to help us continue to take care of our hard-working ministers and staff and our young students here at USC.