“Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.”
Hands hold a glowing candle

Easter Appeal 2020

Dear Catholic Trojan Family,

Our church has changed drastically these last few weeks. Yet, our commitment to the mission entrusted to us by Christ remains ever stronger! The care, encouragement, and development of our students and families remains paramount, especially during these times. 

During this COVID-19 crisis, we steadfastly continue our dedicated work encouraging our students to grow in their desire for Our Lord and to be a source of ministry on the internet.

  • We continue to encourage our students on all of our social media platforms in ways that are deeply rooted in the Gospel and the Magisterium of the Church.
  • Currently, hundreds of students have embraced technology so that they may continue to meet with each other each week for fellowship and bible study.
  • Our ministers are busy each day connecting with them using many forms of communication to be a listening ear or to offer a word of encouragement.
  • Our student leadership team leads the Liturgy of the Hours every evening live on Facebook.

This is just a fraction of how we now minister online, and it is only possible because of your financial help and assistance.

To ask you to be generous at a time of much uncertainty is not what I had envisioned for the continued ministry of our parish. As Pope Francis once said: “…like one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread…” For this reason, each gift we receive is a sacrificial one—no matter the size. We honor your sacrifice with our gratitude and our commitment to put it to good use as we work to bring to fruition God’s will at USC. 

I leave you with my prayers, blessings, and fatherly affection, especially for those of you who are suffering! I remain close to you in your prayers and I bring your intentions with me as I plead to Our Lord who indeed sees us and hears us! May we be able to see His loving face that shines upon us, especially in this time of need!

With every blessing, I am 

Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Fr. Richard